These Saints of God, “Overcomers, they have overcome the world.”

Settled for a higher cause by spirit they are controlled!

Not all of them.  Some mope around seeming not to care!

Or understand they are reborn!  Their names are written there.



But saints they are, though often time’s self-pity overcomes!

They are the ones who contemplate, “My fingers are all thumbs.”

“I cannot think straight! I cannot sleep nights.”  But through it all you see

That though by Satan buffeted there is sometimes victory!



Through many tears and troubles they seem not to understand

That they are handpicked for heaven, for they have sought a better land!

By faith they have sought and found it and on the top at times,

They will sing with other Saints of God, “Blest be the tie that binds.”



They do not feel blest however, when trials do afflict

When pain and sorrow touch them and not lightly there is conflict!

With self and with others cannot seem to care to get along

Bad feelings linger, hasty words, they have lost their happy song!



Now think awhile as you reflect, sounds just like you and me!

Not a bed of roses not in heaven yet you see!

But through our tears we cry to God by faith receive our sight!

And see the dawn of morning in God’s eternal light!



We groan a lot and cry a bit but in God’s lasting day

There is nothing there to cry about, and nothing left to say,




Sam Cox 8.24.05

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