It was not the matter of pain He bore

Contributing to His death.

Not even the nails that held Him there

That made Him gasp for each breath!



The stripes, blood spilled, the crown of thorns,

Looking I fail to see

Agonizing pain that He bore

His pain filled eyes on me!



It was for me He suffered there,

Not that we cared a lot,

So long ago!  Lord, make it real!

Help me see that black spot!



That growing spot that represents

My ugly sin that made

The Savior go to His cruel death

My sin was on Him laid!



What does my sin then represent

For me?  A trip to Hell!

But Jesus bore it on His cross

The sinless One!  All is well!



He died for me!  What can I say

Nothing to say or do,

Except “Thank you, Jesus!” everyday

Live for Him, brand new!



Living for Him I am often down

But looking up I see

Him in His love surrounding




Loving Him



I am Sam Cox 8.15.05

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