“Rejoice in the Lord always and

Again I say rejoice!”

It is a Christian’s prerogative

It says, we have no choice—



But to praise and adore the very one

Who died to set us free.

Not just for the whole world

But He died for even me!



Alone no longer, so many friends

Will love and share with you!

And even so many you did not think

Would make it, so very true.



You have heard of last minute turnabouts

“Thief on the cross,” just one.

Some wounded wartime just before death

Cry desperately to God’s Son.



Were they heard?  Well, just what do you think?

Would a Savior who suffered hear?

He suffered!  He died for everyone,

Yes, He heard and drew them near!



A Savior who loved a saint through life.

Would He not truly rejoice

To hear that last minute

Plead with his dying voice?



Yes, I believe my Father cares

And loves us equally!

Did He not die for everyone?

And did He not die for me?



“Come unto Me…” not just a few

But inviting one and all!

“This day in Paradise with Me!”

All who will hear His call!



Sam Cox 8.15.05

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