The suffering Savior died for me.

I gladly, humbly bow!

Experiencing just partially

Some of that suffering now!



He came for sinners, why He died

Was for your sins and mine.

His sacrifice on Calvary

Contained in the Divine!



Deity!  Devine He was

And is forevermore!

He died just for your sins and mine,

Small wonder we adore!



I cannot help but worship Him

I cannot this deny!

For me He suffered agony

And so He came to die!



He took our sins upon Himself

How can this not convey

A sacrifice extravagant

Your debt and mine to pay!



Does this not prove His love so deep

So fathomless beyond

All understanding we possess?

All thoughts we have confound?



No sense at all does it convey

Unless we look and see

His love extravagant and pure

Enough to die for me!



Sam Cox 8.12.05

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