He walked on stormy waters, raised Lazarus from the dead,

Took tax money from fish’s mouth, this is what He said:

“With God all things are possible!  Only believe!”

Still the disciples hard of heart, could not receive.



Five thousand people fed one day from a child’s pitiful lunch.

“Cast your net on the other side…”  They did, pulled in a bunch!

Saved the lost, healed the sick!  What more must the Savior do?

Remove the blinders from our eyes?  Yes, He can do that, too!



Miracles the disciples saw!  Still could not believe!

Then they saw Him raised from the dead, just too hard to conceive.

Today we see a sinner saved, changed to righteousness!

We doubt the transformation for miracles, we dismiss!



In fact, we judge that twice-born son whenever he goes through hell.

Conceivably a trip so real it is difficult to tell

If sanity has left for good!  But then at last we see

A test!  God saw me through my own Gethsemane!



Others, too:  “Savior breathe an evening blessing e’er repose our spirits seal

Sin and want we come confessing!  Thou canst save and thou canst heal!



Sam Cox 8.8.05

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