Satan can hit you pretty hard.

Sometimes when you are not thinking

Like, at night, when you try to sleep,

Your eyes stay wide, not blinking.



Restlessness, that is what we call it,

But when night after night

We think, we pace, we want to scream!

We know we are in a fight!



But thank God we have Job around,

Self-pity, was as far

As God let Job debilitate (*)

Before He stopped the car.



When Job got out and peace returned

And fortune once more smiled,

His faithless friends left him untouched

Truly undefiled!



So three good men that Ezekiel names;

Noah, Daniel and Job, (**)

Three men that passed the test of tests

Now wearing their white robes!



(*) Weaken

(**) Ezekiel 14:14-20



Sam Cox 8.05

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