I guess we learn this when we are older,

For long ago we were much bolder

To ask for just anything at all

To satisfy our desire, et al.



Considering the price we would pay

To satisfy our lists everyday

I am thankful now that the Lord said, “No!”

I do not own land, what a way to go!



What with taxes, problems everywhere

Too greedy to give or even to share.

Riches can bring us nothing but pain!

After we have all, where is the gain?



Cannot take it up there!  Empty we go.

Whatever we take, we cannot bestow!

With nothing up there to buy or sell

Everything is free!  So how can one tell–



What he has more than anyone else?

More and more to cram up on the shelf

To put in the bank or to buy more land.

Then the Savior asks, “What is that in your hand?”



A sinner won from certain hell fire?

A brother saved from selfish desire?

Can this not be what we best describe

As a sole winners very highest prize?



Sam Cox 8.5.05

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