God dignified that dirt I see

That lowly dirt surrounding me.

Just took a handful, made a man!

Breathed in life as only God can!



Bit lower than the spirit-beings

That attend the Father’s leanings.

Spirits, they too, and forever

We will live on, perish never!



They do attend us for we need it!

And protect us I concede it!

Not eternal (*) for God made them!

To do His bidding, yes, He loves them!



We too are loved, how can this be?

Made for immortality?

Praise God!  We will live forevermore!

On that fine forever shore!



But this dirt God dignified

Gives life to seeds dropped inside!

It also works the other way,

As dust to dust the preachers say!



Nothing magic in that soil,

Seeds germinate they will not spoil.

God made that seed so we can see

Faint sample of eternity!



Small samples only of the real

Eternal God none can conceal.

He always was and always will be

That is what it means, eternity!



(*) Only God is eternal, pre-existent,

we are immortal, will live forever.



Sam Cox 8.4.05

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