What keeps the heart from stopping in its

Endless pumping beat?

What keeps the lungs from plugging up

In spite of how we treat?



And try to plug the system up

With harmful poison smoke

If not for the Grace of God we

All would surely choke!



What keeps the blood continually just

Flowing through each limb?

The one and only perpetual motion

Invented by who?  Him!



Who is Him?  The One and Only God!

There are no other Gods!

Who else could fill up endless space

With stars!  Fruit, pea pods?



And who do you suppose created

Souls that never die?

Three guesses, yes, of course, you now

I can just praise and sigh!



One aim had Christ, the Son of God,

One aim and that alone;

To save the lost at fearful cost

To die for us!  Atone! (*)



Going home!  I am going home!

That is where I belong!

Once there, I will never care to roam!

But sing that endless song! (**)



(*)   Bring us together as one!

(**) “Praise God from whom…”



Sam Cox 7.30.05


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