When grief or pain come over me

Until it seems I cannot see

Or call on anyone to find

And give me needed peace of mind—



There is just One I truly know

The One to whom I always go.

Eventually when no one else

Can find the time, my soul to bless.



I know He truly is the One

To go to that when day is done,

Entrusting all my thoughts and ways

To Him who leads me all my days!



He speaks come morning gently now,

Do not remember past times how

You would get up quickly to write out

Your thoughts eliminating doubt—



And cause some doubting heart to praise

And once more find my leading ways?

Yes, I remember and thank you, Lord!

This work I really can afford!



You put my head and heart and hands

Positionally to where it stands,

Now so that I can make

A word or two to slow hearts shake.



Wake up and live with Him who lives

And eagerly His blessing gives!

Love Him!  Serve Him!  Do not you know

It is the only way to go!



Satan hits us with everything

Of course, it is Satan!  Do not blame Him

Who rescued us from sin and hell

And keeps where He wants us to dwell!



Sam Cox 7.30.05

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