What kind of fool do you suppose

Would never pray before repose

Recognizing Deity

Supporting us continually?



What kind of fool am I to tread

The streets of doubt within my bed

And wonder, “Why this and that?” (*)

Getting nowhere my soul falls flat!



Do you suppose I will ever see

A tiny, tasty little pea

Complain about the bed he is in

Confining and protecting him?



Cannot have it all (someday we will!)

Do not you believe He is caring still?

That where I am going you will be

Happy, blissful eternally!



Different?  Yes, but will not be hard,

Will not need some stupid leotard.

Clothed as spirits, we will be

Used by God eternally!



Like everlastingly!  Do not you know

Just one dilemma where to go

With all God’s homes inviting now

Which planet would He not allow?



No problem there, would you restrict

Your son’s exploring?  Contradict

His need to follow freedom’s choice?

No!  You would join with happy voice!



Come!  Go with me!  To other sites

In endless space!  Our King invites

Angels leading through endless space

Exhibiting God’s love and Grace!



(*) We contemplate space with no ending and we,

Eternal, these words sending Eternal One, You made

us so no other place we would care to go!



Sam Cox 7.28.05

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