We just do not like to suffer, I guess Job did not either!

Among the saints who have suffered, I guess he was a leader.

Family and friends, possessions, everything gone!

Nothing left but wife there for him to lean upon.



But wife was not a leaning post!  As he soon found out,

Dishing out advice that he found bad without a doubt!

My cornucopia, suffering, has been, well, not so bad!

Land of plenty suffers drought leaving one quite sad!



Drought and rainfall bounty continues on through life.

As war and peace assemble with all forms of strife!

Why did this good man suffer?  Well, what can I say?

Hypocrite, insinuated by friends throughout the days.



Good he was!  Though friends debated on endlessly!

Corrupting even goodness, yes, it was plain to see

That they indeed were jealous; this good man must come down.

Obvious from their judging and the wide, wordy frown!



After much self-vindication, the poor man had to admit

That he wished he had never seen the light of day!  To commit

This suicidal thought that brought him to despair

The presence of his friends perhaps is what kept him there.



So, let us say for the sake of talk, that Job was in the wrong,

His friends were still vindictive in their judgmental song!

Perhaps self-vindication brought their judging to a head,

He could not sleep!  Bed was made but could not go to bed!



How long he kept these sleepless nights, there is no way to know.

Though in self-vindication it surely did not show!

But finally the sufferer was judged by God, Himself!

Turned out pretty good for Job was brought down from the shelf.



Sam Cox 7.13.05

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