I have been through intense suffering

Much more than the common pain.

Though it was more debilitating

Do not want to do that again!



Then another pain came over me

Vary hard to describe!

A feeling that so torturous

Hell fires may ascribe!



Without the fire, unquenchable,

A feeling, what can be said?

That pure peace and rest I would never attain,

That I will never more know sweet rest.



Rest from the memory of suffering

Rest from the pains of hell,

Rest from the feeling that never again

Would I sense that all is well!



But praise The Lord!  I have that rest now,

A night of sweet, dreamless sleep.

Not that it ended the pain within

But this assurance I will keep.



Assurance that God is always near!

That this is the basis for praise!

That He will see me safe at last

To be kept through endless days!



Thank you, Father!  You are good to me!

What would I do without You?

You know my frame, You see right through me!

Worship!  What more can I do!? (*)



(*) Not just and exclamation, an honest question!



Sam Cox 7.11.05

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