So many meaningless platitudes

Resurgent and brimming with light

Continue to flow while attitudes

Reflect the insidious blight.



Actual meanings are hidden so well

Sound like a meaningful flow

Of eulogy whose preponderance

Ascends in the afterglow.



Of warmth and condescension,

There is nothing left to surmise,

Except the insidious flow of bull

That may take you by surprise.



I trust you are not shocked out of your socks.

I trust you can still empathize

With a suffering, wounded soldier,

So you will not criticize—



A real scream of pain and agony,

I do not want to relive this plot.

I know that another suffered for me!

An agony I could not!



So what is the point of dwelling on it?

Except to say that I had never

Begin to consider the price He endured

To gain my salvation, ever!



Innocence means nothing at all

Except as applying to Him.

Not innocence, not sinlessness,

Not even with Christ within.



His sinlessness is imputed to us

For we do not deserve nor earn,

Whatever we have we received from Him!

It is either receive or burn!



Such a simple contemplation!

Of course, we do not want to burn,

Two broken ribs is pain enough! (*)

I will go with Him, “So I will earn?”



So sorry!  It cannot be earned, you see

It is a gift from Him to me!

Freely receive, I must!  Cannot earn.

My love for Him too is free!



(*) especially when you cough or sneeze.



Sam Cox 7.6.05.

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