God clothed that vibrant spirit with

A body made from dust!

As dust we are!  To dust return!

The body it is a must!



The body aged near thousand years

In ancient times gone by!

But it finally expired,

Just a body it would die!



The spirit lives on forever!

Is this hard to contemplate?

We love to do the arithmetic,

Cannot help but set the date!



In heaven we will be dateless,

No need to count the hours,

The days, the months, the years,

Eternity it is ours



God did not make this creature

To die eternally.

He knew us long before He

Ever drew our destiny!



Of course, it is hard to contemplate

Just maybe we, like flies,

Will stuff ourselves and fly about

Until it truly dies!



Disintegrate, deteriorate,

No fight there left to see

The pearly gates, the golden streets

Of immortality!



Annihilation, death of a worm?

No!  Just believe me now!

This spirit just will never die!

The death God will not allow!



Sam Cox 7.13.05

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