I feel so low, lower than, like, I could walk under a snake

With my hat on my head and not even scrape it!  Give or take…

Lately I have been thinking, “Why Lord, you know that I love you,”

Sure, that is what I am thinking, “You know I cannot live without You!”



Dependency, I know that is right!  Trust Him as you do your best.

“Come unto Me, all you who labor and I will give you rest.”

“Take My yoke upon you, My burden…”  What burden?  It is so light!

“Lean not to you own understanding,” trusting in Me is right!



“Trust in the Lord with all your heart!”  Your own understanding will fail!

Continue this walk!  Do not give up!  Many minor details

Confront the pilgrim in his walk, do not listen to Satan!  He lies!

“Resist the devil and he will flee, you can cut him down to size!”



But to not exalt (*) in this, you know, only Christ can defeat.

He resisted Satan for forty days, without any food or sleep!

So “Trust in the Lord with all you heart, lean not to your own understanding,”

“In all your ways acknowledge Him.”  He will see that finish, still standing!



But remember it is not in your own strength!  Seek, pray, and walk with Him!

He alone can lead through the night when the way is dark and dim!

But “Rejoice in the Lord” for “The joy of the Lord,” this alone, “Is your strength!”

So continue in Him!  He will not let you down!  He will see you through at length!



Well, you know, I feel better already though feelings are not the end,

Not even the beginning of end, for feelings can give and bend!

But the feelings of joy, of love, and of grace contained forevermore

May last throughout the Christian’s life until we reach Heaven’s Shore!



(*) Exalt:  brag about.



Sam Cox 6.30.05

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