The strong essence of gardenia,

The bold colors of the rose,

Is there anything to equal

The frail pansy’s purple robe?



Hummingbirds do not need direction

As they dart among the flowers.

Many varied rare confections

It enjoys as it devours!



Many books about the wonders

Leave you hanging, “What and how?”

While the author never ponders,

God’s creation humbly bow!



Man enjoys but satisfaction

Is too easily attained!

If he only knew a fraction

Of the power by God contained.



A galaxy!  A tiny bloom,

A blazing sun up above,

An angry God, a sinner’s doom,

A savior’s death in matchless love!



No need to cower at God’s anger,

Delivered through His Son to all,

The greatest act for man to ponder,

Mankind ransomed from the fall!



Sam Cox 07.05

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