A dread, a fear I cannot place

That haunts my waking hours.  My face

Reflects the care and it will not leave.

It worries me though I cannot grieve.



A worrisome conflict deep inside

To cause concern I cannot confide,

It causes me some loss of sleep

And forgetfulness I long to creep.



Into a shroud depart forget!

What worries me not ready yet,

What bothers me, whatever care,

Into sweet peace, no worry there.



“Take no anxious thought,” Christ said.

Why cannot I cram that in my head?

For in a sense my worries a sin.

Am I not letting Satan in?



Yes, I am.  And it has got to cease!

I long for rest, I long for peace!

I pray for peace, I am praying now!

I thank you, Lord, I will not allow.



A transient dread to rob my joy!

For Jesus’ love and peace deploy.

It fills my heart!  His peace over flows!

All fear departs!  Peace grows and grows!



Sam Cox 6.13.05

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