A furtive watchfulness as she slowly descended

The black depths, like a malevolence,

But willing the horror fast away she

Replaced it with at least a semblance.



Of the true reality, the pure thought lost presence,

That has filled her heart with wholeness

And the wholesome freedom from that dreaded fear

Rendering her dread done, meaningless!



Still somewhat fearful but without trepidation

Remembering His pre-promised prediction

To see her again, but that could never be!

Dismissed the thought as pure wishful thinking.



So less fearful now, she felt her way forward!

Without candle so needing to place

Her hand on the damp wall that led to the chamber,

Then suddenly in shocked surprise a shining face.



Her hand went to her mouth in pure terror

A ghostly figure sat upon a stone.

While a cocoon-like shroud deflated slowly

A figure, in white, sat there alone!



The face, in glowing whiteness, then slowly turned,

Like waking from a deep sleep candidly,

His gaze met hers and without surprise

Smiled and greeted her by name, Mary!



Sam Cox 6.15.05

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