We meet again at evening

When the eastern sky is red.

He is with me then much later

Just before I go to bed.



He is with me as I tarry,

Before go to sleep,

And as I pray for blessings

On all my kids to keep.



To keep them ever happy

Trusting in The Lord,

Secure in the knowledge

That they are adored!



Secure in understanding

His love for each of them.

That He will not forsake and

That He will not condemn.



To understand His blessings

So that later in life

They can cope with their trials

And the advent of strife.



To so cope with their trials

That they can later see

That for a real purpose

They were really meant to be!



To strengthen and enable

The spirit, soul, to do

Whatever God would have them

To make them strong and true!



The growing process heightens

As they older grow!

Nor do the trials lighten

This they need to know!



But interspersed with trials

Are blessings every day!

That only come by trusting

And believing as we stay—



Remaining in His presence

Knowing heaven is not yet

But once we reach that glory

All past troubles we will forget!



So it pays to keep on trusting!

Just trusting in The Lord!

For our final goal is heaven!

To miss we cannot afford!



Miss what?  The only city in

Which we were made to dwell.

Will not miss it if we trust Him

And love Him!  Forget Hell!



Sam Cox 6.24.05


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