My mind is going, I do know where!

But hey, I am always glad to share!

My memories are gone.  When did it leave?

I do not remember, cannot conceive

Of anything more preposterous.

Old folk, they are always confusing us

With questions like, “When did you eat?”

As though that were some kind of feat.

Guess it is when your teeth have fallen out

Put them in water, fight the grout.

Then put them in place, gums get sore.

Cannot chew meat or fingernails no more!

Into the cradle, I do not long to creep,

Though I am not getting a whole lot of sleep.

Someday I will get plenty, will not need it then.

Walk on streets of gold, do not know just when.

Right now do not know much of anything!

I am not too far from ding-a-ling!

But there is one thing I do know for sure,

In heaven old age has one grand cure!

The cure is you are younger ever more,

No old buzzards on that fair shore.

Somehow age turns somewhere that is best,

Best for yourself and all the rest

Of God’s ordained inhabitants!

Plus unordained constituents!

It really makes no difference there!

Where all are equal without a care!



Sambo 6.22.05

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