Just one sheep missing, one from the fold.

The Shepherd must leave?  This is getting old.

“Let that one lamb go, sure you can afford,

You still have the ninety-nine!  Stay with us, Lord!”

The man shakes His head, care wrinkles show!

“Someone is lost!  You know I must go!”



Through rocky steeps and rugged miles

His body torn, His pain denied.

“I came to seek and save the lost,”

“I am prepared at any cost!”

“The cost is My life and that must be!”

“If they would live eternally!”



That one lost sheep is multiplied!

Ten thousand fold, you must decide.

No other can decide for you,

You are the master, you know it is true.

“The master of my fate,” am I,

“I must decide before I die!”



The cost may be too high, consider!

Heaven’s Light!  Or would you rather

Languish in the dark pit of hell?

The Shepherd says, “That will not do!

That is why I am coming after you!”

Or are you playing with Him still?

He found you, follow!  All is well!



Are not you glad He sought and found you?



Sam Cox 6.22.05

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