What kind of fool I am though I long

For much more of Christ within.

I cannot seem to capture the song

Of praise in cleansing from sin!



He does cleanse, I know, when I beg

His blood that flowed from Calvary!

It is available still!  I surely know

Available to me!



I am not presumptuous, I know his blood

Avails for all who come!

The thief on the cross cried not in vain

He plead for forgiveness!  It was done!



Opportunities lost?  He does forgive.

Presumptuous I am not!

He forgave my calloused faithfulness

Buried my sin!  Forgot!



“…in the sea of His forgetfulness…”

He buried them long ago!

Upon my acceptance of His grace

And I have nothing to show—



Except forgiveness!  How deep my debt!

How can I just go my way,

Forgetful of all He has done for me?

My gratitude says, stay!



Yes, stay, abide in His tender love.

Divine forgiveness I claim!

How can I ever forget such love?

To live to please Him is my aim!



Sam Cox 6.7.05

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