No inspiration, what I know,

Helps very little since to show.

My sense will not make sense at all

Unless I on the Scriptures call!



Why did God say, “I will supply

All of your needs…” I wonder why?

Could it really actually be

That God in heaven cares for me?



Oh, yes, He cares!  And do not forget

Do not worry about that old mind set

That tells you, God could never care,

Got His own thoughts way up there!



Can you forget the magnitude

Of our God who will not intrude,

Considering your own affairs,

Yet proving that He really cares?



Look, He gives the early morning sun!

That solar blaze that thaws the numb

Fingers so that they can write

Expressions, thoughts that bring to light–



Some principles that, if forgot,

Can make your day a senseless blot!

So may I now presumably

Offer you what is so plain to see—



That if you would have your day start right

Not ending like some senseless blight,

Consider what God has to say

In His Word!  Then start your day!



P.S.  His promises help us to see we need to start out prayerfully!



Sam Cox 6.8.05

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