Dull and drab that is how I feel

A feeling I cannot conceal.

Do not even care to hide it now,

Before this bleakness I now bow.



Not bow, I mean I just give in,

Capitulate if that is a sin.

Cannot retaliate just now

I just admit and humbly bow!



But remorse I cannot feel!

To Higher Power I appeal!

Is this a symptom of some sin?

Have I allowed some thought within—



To interrupt your tender voice?

I am sorry but it is not my choice,

But wait!  I did let indolence

Interfere with my defense!



So once again I humbly bow

That is something I cannot allow.

My spirit yearns to stay within

The confines of your love, to cling!



To you, my Savior, One whose love

Would lift my thoughts to realms above

And keep them there where I would be

Useful leading men to free–



Them from pains of sin and shame

With its now and forever pain.

To lead all to Your side and yet

There are some I cannot forget.



My aim is not, I recognize,

To lead all to that highest prize.

My love for all, my true regret

I am just not there, not ready yet!



Dear Lord, forgive!



Sam Cox 5.15.05

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