Of course, I will fly, investigate

The premises up there.

It will take, at least, a million years,

I have time, no need to fear.



What everlasting means, you know,

Eternal in the skies!

You have seen one corner, seen it all,

No!  Will not believe your eyes!



What you will see then cannot see now!

Your eyes see not the half

Of what your eyes will see up there!

You will laugh with joy, you will laugh!



You will laugh!  Of course, no bounds to joy!

Look up now see the sky,

Sure, earth is huge!  Forget the earth

Look up!  You will wonder why—



You ever thought the earth was big

With huge planets everywhere!

And suns and moons, the sparkling orbs

There is nothing can compare…



Our vision is limited to rooms

In homes so large and grand

Up where they overlook the sea,

The view makes the command!



They crumble now, cannot replace

For everything has sunk.

Was sunk into the homes they built

And now just piles of junk!



In heaven there will be mansions,

Oh yes, “The heavens declare

The glory of God,” forever!

Nothing here can compare!



What will God do with those planets?

What suppose we will find?

Contained within the eternal,

The heavens!  For peace of mind.



Do you not sometimes wonder just

Why God places them there?

Of course, they shine!  So beautiful!

Our eyes see beauty fair!



There are no mansions anywhere

To match those up above!

Room for largest families there

Contributive to love.



Do not be looking in that church chair

Will not see me there no more!

For I will be waving from the portals

Of that happy, heavenly shore!



Sam’l Cox 6.3.05

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