Wow, look at me!  What is this place?

Yes, my feet are on the ground,

But I can hardly feel them there!

Hey!  There is gold all around!



Golden streets, yes, heaven of course!

I remember feeling pain!

Do not feel it now, like, weightlessness!

Hey, like, I am a kid again!



Much better though, I feel no heat

So comfortable, so warm!

I had this feeling once before,

Like, when I was reborn! (*)



As I remember it did not last

Too long, it seems to me, (**)

Like, God had smiled, was promising

New life forever free!



No pain!  Feel light, like, everything

Is great!  Like, I could fly!

Thinking up, I am up and away!

And faster if I try…



But why fly?  For everything is

Right here where I see it!

Eternal now!  Forever more

Yes, I will have time to find it!



It is just way too good to be true!

I know I will wake up soon,

I will see there is a tomorrow

And find I have slept until noon!



“There is no night here,” a smiling voice

Exclaims!  I look around,

It is Jesus!  Thought I recognized,

My happiness abounds!



Cannot help it I just have to kneel!

“For every knee shall bow.”

His smile, so kind, He lifts me up!

Yes, I remember now!



Forget?  Oh, yes, I can afford to

Leave stuff in the past!

For everything is future now!

Sure, it will last and last!



(*)  Like, born again!

(**)  Joy of rebirth, salvation, short lived, like a foretaste.



Sam Cox 6/3/05

To be continued!

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