I believe that there are clouds even when the sun shines through.

I believe that there is a sun though it sometimes hides from view!

I believe there are galaxies I cannot see at all!

And that space goes on forever, finite minds to enthrall!



God is not dead!  He lives!  Moves and cares for everyone!

I believe His love is boundless for He gave His only Son!

I believe that the good earth is a loving Fathers gift,

Even though our parents fell, God was present to uplift!



We cannot see Him now but we can see what He has done!

He’s creation, everything!  With His love for everyone!

He spoke!  He breathed the breath of life and, “With the stars He sang!”

He cast the orbs out into space!  With praise the heavens rang!



We see not, eyes so blind, God’s mighty works so plain.

Love so everlasting we reject and we disdain!

Beauty all about us many colors ever new and

Food enough to satisfy the world not just a few!



Why are not we thankful everyday not just one a year?

Or do we just go through the motions with our family near?

Sure, nice to have family around this too contributing

To a thankful time of praise to God for everything!



Everything He has done and does to keep us on cloud nine!

It is in His heart to bless us so that we will not have the time

To worry or complain.  Did He not say, “…a sparrow falls…

But God takes notice and He cares…” yes, He cares for all!



Sam Cox June 2005


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