Yes, my spelling as atrocious,

I am quick to admit!

Constantinople once it was

I had just learned to spell it—



When they changed it to Istanbul.

The other is not no more!

So what is the point of spelling right?

They just removed the door!



And the floor just is not no more!

It was there all the time!

Nothing left to stand on now,

It is got to be a crime!



The way they treat those basic facts

They will soon remove the ceiling,

Take out the deep blue from above

Then claim the sky is pealing!



If spelling is so important

The dictionary is there.

Whoever figured all them words

Was wise beyond compare!



But wisdom does not end with words,

Though they are appropriate,

For spelling out the meaning fine

We do appreciate.



Insidious though meaningful

The Tower of Babel made

Appreciation for the sun

While others preferred the shade.



One day all languages will be

As common as the air!

Will not have to spell 12 languages

Full knowledge will be there!



No more babble, no more fringe

Of thought, or stilted words.

In Heaven all is understood!

No clicks or clans or herds.



Now, if this is not the most beautifier

Of anything ever seen,

It is like reality implodes!

And you wake up from a dream!



Someone asked me to spell my name out!

Do not know why, was it a test?



S.H.C., that is me 5.24.05

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