Sick folk, even lepers, healed!

He even raised the dead!

Touched and healed where ever He went!

And many thousands fed!



But is that why He came to earth?

The purpose His travail?

He rendered nil the jaws of death

And no, He did not fail!



The failure was with those who heard

And never heard a thing.

Whose inane laughter stilled the voice,

The Savior’s voice!  The King!



He came to soften, tenderize,

Hardened hearts and loud!

The voice of hate to tranquilize

With love, vindictive crowd!



That voice of love they did not hear!

Like, mocking birds they fled,

Like here, there, and everywhere,

Declined what Jesus said!



Rejected words of life He spoke!

They chose instead the sin!

The, “Still, small voice,” they ridiculed

They chose horrendous din!



Crucify Him!



Sam Cox 5.25.05

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