The speed of wind blowing strong,

The speed of sound, of light!

The jet speed of a Thunderbird,

A dolphin’s freedom flight.



Our feet are slow comparing all

And slower still with age!

When sight begins to fade away

We are slow to turn a page.



The worm gets nowhere very fast

And other things appear

To travel slower than that worm,

Unchanged by thought or fear.



The sun, old sol, up in the sky,

What is up?  What is down?  Why?

Do not know a thing, some know it all,

Enough to make one cry!



Just why?  I ask as I look up

To see the sky so blue!

Can people make stuff to destroy

Who died and never knew?



The joy of making peace with God

The peace of knowing Him,

“Whom to know aright is life,”

Forever free from sin!



But how can some folk know so much

Yet never give a thought

To that which lies beyond the grave?

The life by Christ’s life bought!



Yes, we sin but know the power

Of cleansing through His blood!

That is why He died to give us life

And take us home above!



The breath of God eternal life,

We live as soon as death

Consumes this flesh to liberate

The Spirit with new breath!



The Breath of God, the Spirit Life,

Like, Angels we will be.

With Angels we will investigate

Live planets eternally!



Sam Cox 5.18.05

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