How to activate the vision to see beyond the stars,

Beyond the Milky Way, our sun, Jupiter and Mars.

Imagination that is the key, just wander in the sky

It will take throughout eternity!  But first we must die!



Death so simple, so precise, a momentary change.

The spirit leaves the body, nothing else to rearrange,

Except the change so radical hard to understand.

We are recognized, called by name, yes!  By God’s command!



Paul was caught up to the third heaven, “Paradise,” he said!

“Unlawful to repeat.” That is where Angels love to tread,

So God wants to surprise us!  How happy we should be!

We will be with Him forever!  It is God’s eternity!



He will send us when He wants us!  He is the boss, you know.

If Saturn is where He wants me I will be glad to go!

Maybe some light years away but with speed of thought

Time and space are meaningless, yes that is what we have got!



Eternity with the spirit clad, matter will not matter,

The din of time obliterated, done obnoxious clatter!

Reality?  The spirit world!  It will extend forever!

The sounds of heaven soothing, clear!  Percussive sounds?  No never!



In Heaven music from The King!  Of course, He is the Master!

What we hear now just compare nothing short of disaster,

Noise!  Not tuned to heaven’s sounds, tangy and abrasive.

To worship adoration not at all conducive!



So what we have here we must live out!  Cannot hasten the process

Of dying!  God has work for us while here we must focus

Contributive to living in this life, in the dying!

Lying down to pleasant dreams to waken in the morning!



Meet you there!



Sam Cox today 05.31.05

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