My Jesus, I love you.

I do clearly see

Your love for me proven

In dying for me!



As though You were showing

All those who stood by,

Your nature was truly

“True God”,” I must die!”



So impressed was Saint Peter

Deserving his crown,

Declared His crucifixion

On his cross upside down!



Unworthy his feeling

A heart of pure gold!

The pain that he suffered

Though it was never retold.



No comparison here,

Just a mention to show

Where true love for the Master

Would prompt one to go!



True coward!  Am I when

Confronted with pain!

“Oh, God!”  I would cry out,

“Please help me remain!”



Yes!  The nearness of God’s

Holy Spirit, I would plead!

In my own strength I would falter,

This I would truly concede!



But the suffering Savior,

Just a lifetime of grief!

Consummated on Calvary!

Would you call that relief?



Aside from the knowledge

Of what must be done

To bring forth salvation

To sinners each one!



Aside from that knowledge

There would be no cross

Jesus safe in His kingdom

Yes, we would all suffer loss!



But He suffered loss!  How great His love!



S.H.C. 5.31.05

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