“…provoke, encourage, or induce

Each other to good works!”

What worse can be done than

Be reminded of our quirks?



Just one of them discouragement,

We give in to our feelings!

Instead of looking down, so much.

Look up past the ceiling!



Look up!  Observe the sky so deep!

Its depth shows it as blue,

The specs of clouds that float on by

They smile or frown at you.



What is beyond?  You have got to think

Infinity of space!

Is that all?  I cannot help but see

The wonders of God’s Grace!



A sin, I think, God cannot endure,

As I gaze into the blue,

Sin of complaint short sighted

We see enough but clouds it is true.



But even the clouds are beautiful

Look close, you can see a face,

And look it is facing upward!

Reminder of God’s Grace!



Yes, God is there!  He is everywhere.

He is even in your soul!

As Spirit, He can indwell, integrate,

Within or from pole to pole!



And remember, He is in control!



Sam Cox 5.10.05

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