Keep in touch with Jesus,

See Him on the throne.

God the Father, stands by

While God the Son leaves home.



God the Son descending

Planet earth, His aim,

To live and die for sinners

Yes, that is why He came.



“I made those people,” God said

“It is true,” said the Son,

If not for Lucifer, they

Would be safe everyone!



“I will go.  Assume sins wages.

I will die for their sins!”

Then God the Father trembled

The Heavens shook within!



Become human?  Bad enough!

But to face Satan, too?

It is true.  Jesus answered,

“This I will do!”



“Yes, I know,” said the Father,

As He sadly looked away!

Gabriel knew the enemy

And prepared for the fray!



An unseen shield was spread

Over Mother and Child!

The Holy Child grew safely

From all sin undefiled!



“Yes, I know you!” Satan smiled.

The wilderness was bleak.

Full forty days he had fasted

And sleepless, He was weak!



“Make bread of these stones,”

Devil growled, knew he was failing.

Tormented, Jesus cried out,

“Be done with this assailing!”



Jesus knew it was not over

The temptations would not end!

His last trick, crucifixion!

With this Christ must contend!



But the end was the beginning!

His resurrection gained

Salvation for believers!

And cleansing from sins stain!



Hallelujah!  Christ arose!



Sam Cox 5.7.05

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