Centurion, strong, his muscles firm,

Through many battles!  Little concern

As he gazed upon that cross, he knew

Just what he must, he was called to do!



“Yes,” he cried, his eyes a bright flame.

This innocent man assuming my blame!

For my sins He suffers!  Cannot allow!

“No, no!” he yells!  “Bring Him down now!”



At that same moment, the Savior cries out,

His voice merging with the soldiers shout,

“It is finished!”  Their eyes locked in death!

Centurion received with dying breath!



Judas, a Judas, reveals the scene.

Centurion called in, face seems to beam!

“Guilty!”  The verdict!  “I will now serve The King,

His cross I will accept, my heart will sing!”



“For all the men you have put to the sword,

You will die by the sword!  This is my word!”

The ruling sovereign makes his decree!

Soldier must die without dignity.



In his heart the soldier know full well

That he was doomed, could not wait to tell

How one tough soldier, happy to die,

For another tough soldier they had crucified!



How well he knew that in heaven he would see,

Many he had sent to Eternity!

But for one, the Special One, he would cry!

And await that scarred hand to dry his eye.



Many unworthy, including myself, we will see in heaven.



Sam Cox 5.11.05

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