There is a river flowing through the Land of God!

Perhaps the only river you will find.

It twists and turns just like any stream on earth,

But there is no other of this kind!



Daily dips in that stream are compulsory,

Maybe not, I really would not know.

Though I think a daily dip really should be

As it helps to keep one in that glow!



I do not believe that God provides cosmetics.

Uh oh, I believe we just lost a few.

Do not believe you will ever really need them

For you will always be fresh, like, brand new!



Do you suppose I am nuts or going batty?

Maybe so or is it just old age?

Looking up to that one-of-a-kind city where

You will never even have to turn a page.



No more books everything is in that river

Of Life!  Does that give you a clue?

That is one stream that you can even breathe in

River of Life!  Of course, it is true!



Never heard of such a thing?  Of course not.

God prepared this place, one-of-a-kind.

You just really need to up and be there!

Sure, I know that it will blow your mind!



Unique?  You will never find a place just like it!

God’s specialty!  I am sure He aims to please!

Imagination just cannot quite reach it!

Suppose that is why Paul said, “Cannot conceive!”



“Unlawful” (*) that is the word, I think Paul used,

What he saw there he must not repeat!

Do not you know God wants to surprise us?

And that is why, I guess, Paul must delete.



(Well, of course, this is somewhat imaginative,

but does not Paul suggest:  use it!)



(*) 2 Corinthians 12:4



Sam’l Cox 5.13.05

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