Balaam, Molech, Krishna, the rest

Gods one could see and feel.

Our God is Spirit!  Lots more, no less.

He stands alone, He is real!



Put gods on a shelf and worship them.

That makes you god, do not you see?

You motivate, not him or her. (*)

Is that what you want to be?



You show, you move, you bow down to it!

How can it help you, a thing?

Cannot use his legs, his hands, cannot move!

He (it) has no voice to sing!



Of course, he has nothing to give,

He is nothing!  Just what do you see?

An object, a thing, with protruding eyes

That stare at you sightlessly!



What else do you see?  It is an it!

Cannot you tell?  It does not move.

Move it around and dust it off!

Stays in its protective groove!



But we know that our God can do stuff!

We can buy things to satisfy!

They do for a while but another thing,

That is our God!  For Him we would die.



(*) You motivate, you are the god.



Sam Cox 4.28.05

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