Never give up!  Keep striving

To do what you must do!

It is a necessary evil,

For you to strive, but it is true.



We fret, we fight, we worry so

It is so hard to get around!

We may sometimes feel like flying,

But our feet stay on the ground!



We need Christ’s words of wisdom

Words folk heard so long ago.

They thronged about Him everywhere

His love and grace to know!



His deeds, His miracles drew them,

His compassion, His acts of love.

Yes, He truly was love, was, is

Now in heaven above!



He is still the same today, you know.

No?  Maybe we really do not (*)

Recognize we have doctors today.

We trust God or we do not!



We do trust doctors anyhow,

An educated guess.

God made us!  We do not trust Him?

The problem I confess!



I know He will take me to heaven

When my time has come to die!

Transcendent beauty!  Glorious!

We gaze transfixed we sigh!



I will not aid the process

Of dying, this I know,

But for certain I will not fight it.

I will wait until He says go.



Not go but come.  Do not forget

“We will meet Him in the air.”

Protracted illness?  Worry not!

Where will be no illness there!



And colors?  Such splendid beauty!

With variegated hues (**)

Of roses, I see every day!

But in heaven, that is old news.



(*) Of course I trust doctors, most of them, but who is the Great Physician?

(**) Every day my neighbors rose garden.



Sam Cox 4.30.05

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