Poems produced by fools like me

But only God can make a tree.

Roots, limbs, leaves of many kinds

Variety to blow your minds!



Some bear fruit while others give shade.

Some reach the ground with weeping cascades.

Some are small bear fruit one can reach,

Like those bearing plums, cherries, or peach.



I know God delights in variety!

Is there nothing new for us to see?

When Solomon said, “There is nothing new,”

Suppose he was blinded by mountain dew?



It is new every morning, each plant and flower,

That timid bud that seems to cower

Beneath the foliage as if to hide

From prying eyes, their beauty to bide.



I see a small lizard, it streaks away.

It is smart, it may see another day.

A black bird swoops, small snake in its claw,

Wriggling like crazy, but it is too late now.



A city it seems, though peaceful and quiet.

No robberies to fear, no fights or riots,

Moved all my life, 10 places or more.

Fine place to stay before Heaven’s shore.



Thank God for this place!  May not be new,

Snakes, rabbits, lizards resembling a zoo.

A small zoo, I call my final home

Before I reach Heaven, no longer to roam!



Sam Cox 5.2.05

One thought on “MY HOME IS HEAVEN

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