The Holy Spirit, Comforter, not recognized by some,

Who many say go overboard, but what of the one

Or five out of ten who definitely believe.

Not just believe in but consistently receive.



Rejected Holy Spirit, the teaching, leading one

Jesus said, “I leave now but The Comforter will come…”

The Comforter, third person of the Trinity, we know

Dissected then ignored unrecognizable below.



Yes, He has a distant function; do you know?  Have you seen?

The power revealed at Pentecost, big change it would seem!

Twelve cowards turned courageous, preaching, healing everywhere!

Then Paul came and the twelve were quite eager to share.



They all suffered violent deaths, Peter asked to be

Crucified upside down, a close identity

To His Savior who died but arose again to live

And send the Holy Spirit, new courage to give!



In Heaven we will see Him for we will be spirits, too.

Jesus, Holy Spirit, and God, yes, it is true!

The three are still One!  Yes, One God over all,

I listened, responded, yes, He hears all who call!



The Holy Spirit now sustains us as we go.

He is with us and He guides us.  That is all we need to know.

Along with God, the Father, and Jesus who died.

And God, the Holy Spirit, with whom we abide!



Not confusing, God the Father, and of course, God the Son,

And God the Holy Spirit, He is with us everyone!



Sam Cox 4.26.05

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