The heart once filled with bitterness

But purged by the Grace of God,

Cleansed, forgiven from hate, set free,

Such grace He cannot afford!



There is no price we can afford

To deserve or gain this grace.

Think of it, His life on display

His death too, that we may trace!



And feeling His heart collaborate

With Him in His selfless love,

But that is something we cannot duplicate

Not even in heaven above!



Face it, we have fallen short of His love

We missed ‘by a country mile,’

But in heaven we will look on His loving face

And be greeted by His smile!



Do not that beat all? His loving smile!

Condemned by sin, though He be,

Because of the cross and His Grace,

We are forever set free!



Do we realize what is involved here?

What we cannot deserve or gain,

The many sins that should damn us to hell

Were laid on Him, “The Lamb Slain.”



So what is your reaction? Collaborate!

Continue the work He has begun!

He is still working you know, and will until

Our work on earth is done!



Sam Cox 4.19.05

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