Flamboyantly he strode along

Full conscious of the merging throng

That stood and gaped, his obvious wealth

Eliciting the cautious stealth

Of us poor folk, who paused to stare

And look and gape, it was not there!

No! Nothing like that anywhere

Where rich and poor just meet to share

The burden of pure Calvary,

That face in Heaven we will see!

No longer can we see or tell

The rich from poor. They dress so well

From rags to ragged, does not show!

They are clean, dressed down, their faces glow!

Shirt-tails out and sandal shod,

But know they are here to worship God!

Some stand hands raised, palms upward held,

United now, one perfect meld. (*)

A merging with the Spirit’s heart

Just one in worship hold a part

Of God within until we see

The wonders of Eternity!



There will be no difference there, in my Father’s House.



(*) or weld, like merging



Sam Cox 4.17.05

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