Two Mary’s ascended a hillside to give,

Out of gratitude and love,

Or maybe they really expected to see

That Christ had ascended above!



Their love, though imperfect and causing their doubt,

Could not dissuade what they felt.

Their love drew them forward but sadness prevailed,

Still far from the tomb they knelt.



“He promised…” “I know…” “But we shall see.”

The stone was rolled back, they saw.

Still doubts prevailed, they could not believe,

They ran wrong conclusions to draw!



Conclusions? Yes, wrong! “They have stolen Him.”

“They have taken him away.”

One ran to tell others what they had found,

The other wept there and stayed!



Someone, a stranger? “Who called my name?”

Her vision blurred from her tears.

She saw the scar of the nail, His hand,

“Rabboni!” Forgotten all her fears!



Sam Cox 4.14.05

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