So much is said about positive thinking,

The power of intention, too.

There is no power but God above

Not just intends but can do!



Now man may intend to build a storm

With thunder, lightning, and rain!

Well, think again, will not happen at all

You are just messing up your brain!



A certain King with a funny name

He thought he would command the tides.

Stood on the shore but his feet got wet.

What a pitiful ride!



Man gets a little power sometimes

Then puts his thoughts in rhymed verse,

But no matter how hard you try, you cannot.

No, you cannot run the universe!



Put a man in space! Well, how wonderful!

But who put that space out there?

Or that sun so much larger than ours,

You have a brain, compare.



Just maybe you can fill in the blanks

Like, that silly King and that sun.

Give up? Antares and King Kanute,

How can you be so dumb?



(Or is it King Canute? Dummy)



Sam Cox (the dummy) 4.12.05

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