If we could only see God now,

How could He then be God?

God is Spirit, created all

As Spirit He is Lord!



Lord of everything I can see

And everything I cannot.

Creator of galaxies

And every bug and plant.



You cannot see a spirit but

As Spirit He controls.

He is everywhere! Cannot you tell?

Created and enfolds!



And can you understand Him now?

Of course you cannot nor can I.

As fathomless as infinity,

No matter how I try!



Cannot understand but I can see

The eyes of faith are strong.

Much I cannot see but still there

Will be enough to carry on.



Cannot see the wind or seasons change,

What else that I do not know?

Could write a book to just arrange

Then ignorance would show.



Not necessary to be smart

To know dumb, we are.

Oh yes, I know some minds out there

Are brighter far, by far!



Some see infinity as just

Something that may happen,

But I know what God’s Word tells me

And nothing will faith dampen!



Some blind spots are inflicting eyes

That only see the present!

Who cannot understand a God

Creator of the firmament.



Who cannot understand my God

Who cares and wants to live

Not just out there, but in your heart!

To love and live forever!



He gave His life! Remember that?

On Calvary’s cross He died!

He saw your sins and for to those sins

He became. Was crucified! (*)



(*) Became sin.



Sam Cox 4.05.05

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