God’s intention for us, now I know,

Is for our growth for eternity.

We are growing now as He deals with us,

The reason is clear, I now can see.



We are being equipped for what we need,

‘The chastening of the Lord’ it is clear,

Though we may hinder and stay away,

It is intended to keep us near!



Near to the Heart of God, my desire

It is clear the need is to conspire

Against the torture of Satan’s darts

Kept and cleansed by God’s holy fire!



When this earthly task is completed,

We will have a heart of gratitude then

The Enemy of our souls defeated,

His loss forever! We will know it when…



We will know the difference once we arrive,

Temptations then will be no more

For the devils not invited there!

On Heaven’s fair and sinless shore!



But temptation. we will see, has served us well

Once we are free from Satan’s wiles.

Freedom, liberty in Calvary’s reprieve

Freedom forever whatever defiles!



So what is to hinder? Defilement all gone

Sin, with its arrows, all in the past!

What could keep us from God for eternity see,

Gone and forgotten free at last!



Sam Cox 4.06.05

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