How can one make an image of God?

He created all that exists!

But still vain men make images

And in this pursuit persist.



Is God not in and over all?

And, of course, “The heavens declare

His glory…” His majesty and His

Continuance everywhere!



Does not vast space, the galaxies,

An image of God abhor?

We will never see an image of God

Until engulfed in Heaven’s shore!



Or, yes, until to Calvary we

Go and look on the cross,

Look up on His blood stained image there!

And watch Him suffer such loss!



Why did He do it? What made Him go?

Why did He die for mankind?

Of course, you know, it was His true love,

A love like this you will not find. (*)



Our Savior died for not just a few,

Like, for those who loved Him and wept,

He died for those who nailed His hands.

How is that for a new concept?



(*) Anywhere, no matter what religion, you dig into!



Sam Cox 4.3.05

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