They could not see the forest for that tree.

That special tree was all that they could see!

Forest, Garden of Delight, it was all there,

But one tree in that forest was so fair!



Sure, others brought delight so much pleasure!

But drawn to that one tree that one treasure.

Yes, drawn, enticed, tempted to the evil.

Yes, drawn, enticed, who else but the devil.



Our enemy, sworn enemy of God,

He, feeling confined, must have freedom abroad.

That serpent old Satan, who else could it be?

Responsible for the evil that I see?



Yes, we are tempted when we are drawn away

By our lusts! Then sin! What more can we say? (*)

Yes, Satan is to blame! Our sworn enemy!

Coiled on a branch of that one forbidden tree!



Forbidden, God’s order, now that should have been enough

To lend credence in calling Satan’s bluff.

“Resist the devil. He will flee from you…” (**)

It is in The Book and I know it is true!



What more can we say in resisting his wiles,

We are resisting the sins that defile!

If we fall again, repeat the plea until at last

That bad habit is gone! Is gone, it is in the past!



(*) James 1:14

(**) James 4:7



Sam Cox 3.29.05

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