“The love of God,” how marvelous!

He died for you and me.

It was not an easy death, I know,

Think of the pain and agony!



Contaminated purity

My sins up there alone

Enough they were to sully Him

And cause His anguished groan.



We cannot understand the pain

Caused by the sins He bore!

Your sins and mine disfigured Him,

His broken heart they tore!



Can we begin to understand?

How can I know or see

The cleansing He accomplished there

Accredited to me?



Deliberate, yes, concentrate

Consider what He bore

We need to really realize

The whip, the nails that tore!



Too lightly we consider it,

The untold misery

Imputed guilt the staggering load

He bore for you and me!



Consider it more often

The priceless gift He has given.

His sacrifice of love for all

Yes, by love He was driven!



Just think a bit, appreciate

Exactly what He has done!

Judas, Hitler, Stalin, too. (*)

He died for everyone!



The groans His pain elicited

From whip and nails that tore

Cannot begin to predicate

The agony He bore!



(*) Not that they accepted.



Sam Cox 3.11.05

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